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We are technical professionals with more than 21 years experience serving the small business market. We've been web coding since the 90's, posting since it was first a thing, and marketing the whole time. 

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Melissa Minchala

Founder / CEO
Melissa Minchala
Melissa MinchalaFounder
I started creating websites for small businesses in 1998, in HTML, on Notepad. Four years later I shifted to my network administration roots and for 17 years my partner and I ran and grew an IT services business called DataVelocity in New York City.

When we started, in 2002, small business technology was evolving quickly as enterprise solutions were being made available to the SMB market. It was exciting and fun to deliver our expertise and quality service to our clients over the years but as the innovation in SMB technology has slowed we saw an opportunity to move into something that has over time become an internal passion, digital marketing. And so here we are today, sharing our expertise with a market we know and love.

Adam Warshaw


From 2002 to 2019 my partner and I operated a technology support business, DataVelocity, in New York City. Our staff transparently provided complete technology support for the day to day needs of clients. I had meetings and conversations with our clients for broader topics, acting as a virtual CIO and fellow business resource. Common topics included implementation of best security practices and remote access without disrupting staff, upgrading systems in a tiered manner to avoid excessive cost surges, handling the network wiring build-out along with attending contractor meetings for moves, speaking and negotiating with vendors for infrastructure items, making suggestions for department process changes that would improve business value, and helping to leverage a CRM system for sales efforts.

In 2019 my partner and I chose to pivot our focus and start providing digital marketing services directly. It is invigorating to help businesses get better value from their digital footprints based on skill and expertise that we developed and honed while operating our own business.

Adam Warshaw
Adam WarshawPresident

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